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I want to thank you, your wife and your team for the fantastic experience we had finding a home in the Halifax area. Over the last 8 years we have moved for work 3 times and I feel my wife and I have experienced a good selection of brokers and agents, and we are an experienced client. Not all brokers are created the same and in my experience, very few offer the caliber of service you and your team do.

What stood out to me is the following:

You know your market and you care about a relationship and earning the right for repeat business. From day one there was no pressure and no urgency on us to settle, the priority was to find the right home. 

You did not jump to the most expensive homes you could find which would be self-serving, instead you wanted us to see different areas with different homes in different ranges to help you and us narrow in on what we were looking for. This is a sound and meaningful approach.

You are a great negotiator. This was not about finding a home we feel in love with and scaring us into doing whatever it took to get it. You made sure we did not leave anything on the table in the negotiation process.

Your timing is impeccable. There was not one hour of the day or day of the week where we were not able to reach you. We felt we had great partner who kept us a priority. Most other REALTORS® I have worked with don't operate at the same pace you do.

You are extremely well connected. There is not one item I asked for help on where you did not "know a person" who did great work. And even better, you kept me organized on all the items I had to line up before and after move in. And you delivered the information in a web-based form which made it very convenient for me to access.

Last and most important - you are a good, honest person. That goes a long way in my book.

Three real experiences I will share that I feel "nail" the overall experience and confidence had with the Yetman team:

You and I did the searching while my wife stayed home in the GTA with my son. Because of how thorough you were, how you understood what we were looking for, and what you showed me, I was able to tell my wife with confidence we had a great agent and that there was no need to waste her time coming out. For the first time n my life my wife trusted me with a major decision like this! Ha! She had not seen the home and loved it when she did!

The selection Process you took me through was perfect for the way I operate as I am a detailed person. You walked away from 2 homes we viewed almost the moment we walked in the door, even before I expressed my thoughts. This tells me you took the time to personalize what we were looking for, you did not want a quick sale and were not hiding anything, but rather you operated with full disclosure and wanted us to be happy when all was said and done.

You covered my butt in this experience. At your suggestion you asked your wife to come out and view the home since my wife had not seen it in person. When viewing the home you and your wife found a countertop in the master bathroom which did not match the other finishings. You negotiated its replacement and quite frankly likely saved me from having to have it replaced, at my expense after close. This was going above and beyond.

David, I really cannot give you any constructive feedback. Fantastic job.

We look forward having you and your wife over as soon as we are staled in the new home. We would definitely recommend you to anyone. And IF we move again you will be the call I make to sell the home you sold us.



Jeff & Kelly Hillyard

I have been in the Real Estate industry helping people buy, sell and invest in properties for over 30 years. Prior to my real estate career, I spent time in the Banking industry in various positions. Currently I am the Broker/Owner of CENTURY 21 All Points, the only CENTURY 21 real estate office in Halifax. We service all areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality helping clients buy their dream homes, upsize, downsize or invest in properties.

I spend time on my business, I spend time learning ways that I can help my clients achieve their real estate dreams. I use technology to help out in my business and assist my clients. I stay up-to-date on real estate industry trends - what’s new, what’s changing and what’s coming up in the industry. I am active on social media, using it to promote my listings, my business, my community.

I believe in always being there for my clients…. You Call – I Answer! And while technology is great and useful in our business, nothing beats the old-fashioned approach of face-to-face. I communicate with my clients in the manner that best suits them – Face to face, calls, text, email or a combination of all four.

I am partners in the business with my wife Sandra; she manages the office, our marketing and most of all she manages me! We live in downtown Halifax; we love exploring different parts of the city, taking part in community activities and walking along the great Halifax Waterfront. I take great pride in being a father and grandfather and love to spend time with my kids and grandsons.

If you are thinking about buying, selling or investing in real estate, let me show you how I can help make your real estate dreams come true! Call, text or email me today!

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