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We have been clients of David Yetman at Century 21 for approximately 2 years. You might think that is a rather long stretch but our situation was somewhat unique. We were living in Hong Kong and we were trying to decide where to retire. When we decided to move to Halifax we began a web search for an agent. I combed through several agencies and multiple profiles until we read about David from his other clients. I reached out to a few agents and their response--give our timeline--was lukewarm. This wasn't the case with David. We made initial contact with David via email in early 2016. We explained that our intended return date was not going to be until June, 2018. Despite this, he did not tell us to 'go away' and come back when the time was closer. He understood that we needed to learn a lot about Halifax. While I had been a student in Nova Scotia in the early 1980s we did NOT really know Halifax at all. We also had no idea about what neighbourhood we wanted, we did not even know if we wanted a condo or a house. We thought a condo would suit our lifestyle but basically we were starting from complete scratch. During this time David was unfailingly patient. He provided us with resources to learn about Halifax and the surrounding area. He answered our HUNDREDS of questions quickly and when there were sometimes no answers to be given he was honest about that too, encouraging us to be patient and let the process work. Despite a major time difference David would Facetime with us to answer questions and give us all of the answers about the process as quickly as he possibly could. Or, sometimes he would just encourage us to be patient!

In the summer of 2017, we came for an initial 'look around'. His team were aware that we were really just trying to sort some basic things out like: where in the Halifax area should we live? What kind of house/condo did we want to live in? etc. During that week we managed to learn that we wanted a house. We managed to learn that we did not want to live too far away from amenities such as shopping and entertainment. While we did not buy our house then we did manage to learn a lot and it helped us tremendously. They did not give us any pressure whatsoever. We never felt like we had to rush into anything. We did 'ramp up' our search considerably over the 2017-2018 years and finally in March of 2018 we came to Halifax to seriously look to buy. Again, David was patient, beyond helpful and very honest with us in terms of asking the right questions to help us to make a good choice. We found a house we both liked and we made an offer on it which was accepted very quickly. We moved in the end of July and, so far, we absolutely LOVE our house and our new neighbourhood is perfect for us. On closing, David and Sandra (his wife) gave us a 'survival kit' which was incredibly helpful as it contained all the things you never think of...a really nice touch. While it was a long process, it ended well! 

Now, you know our context here is why we recommend David Yetman as your agent: 

1.) He has been nothing but completely transparent/honest with us the entire time. We committed to him as our agent and never once considered going elsewhere. Never questioned or doubted his expertise.

2.) Timely: every question we have had was answered quickly and with enough detail. Every request for information about the process was responded to quickly and accurately. 

3.) He thinks of things we did not think about. For example, in our process of sorting where to live he pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of each area. He helped us consider the type of house we would want and acknowledged our preferences for things given our age/stage of life.

4.) He helped us set up things for utilities etc. these were things we would have missed or not known about as people who had never lived in Nova Scotia before. 

5.) He is very supportive of the fact that we took--basically--two years to actually buy a house...did we mention patience? There was NEVER any pressure to buy. We took a LONG time. 

6.) He respected our choices but he would also point out things that we may not have considered. 

7.) His 'surround' support is outstanding: things like his team of people working to support buyers and his website for resources such as lawyers, locksmiths, window people etc.

8.) During the process of purchasing the house David recommended the specific inspections we should complete as part of our offer to purchase.

9.) During the entire process David NEVER showed any sort of bias or place any influence on us for choosing a style of house/area etc. He DID provide factual information to help us along. 

Finally, we have had such confidence in David and his team that we recommended him to our son who is in the process of selling a property.  If you have any questions for us about the process of working with David and his team we are only happy to help answer them.

Nancy & John Dyck

I have been in the Real Estate industry helping people buy, sell and invest in properties for over 30 years. Prior to my real estate career, I spent time in the Banking industry in various positions. Currently I am the Broker/Owner of CENTURY 21 All Points, the only CENTURY 21 real estate office in Halifax. We service all areas of the Halifax Regional Municipality helping clients buy their dream homes, upsize, downsize or invest in properties.

I spend time on my business, I spend time learning ways that I can help my clients achieve their real estate dreams. I use technology to help out in my business and assist my clients. I stay up-to-date on real estate industry trends - what’s new, what’s changing and what’s coming up in the industry. I am active on social media, using it to promote my listings, my business, my community.

I believe in always being there for my clients…. You Call – I Answer! And while technology is great and useful in our business, nothing beats the old-fashioned approach of face-to-face. I communicate with my clients in the manner that best suits them – Face to face, calls, text, email or a combination of all four.

I am partners in the business with my wife Sandra; she manages the office, our marketing and most of all she manages me! We live in downtown Halifax; we love exploring different parts of the city, taking part in community activities and walking along the great Halifax Waterfront. I take great pride in being a father and grandfather and love to spend time with my kids and grandsons.

If you are thinking about buying, selling or investing in real estate, let me show you how I can help make your real estate dreams come true! Call, text or email me today!

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