What Makes CENTURY 21 All Points Unique

Not all REALTORS® are the same. REALTORS® vary greatly on the level of service they provide, their expertise and their skill. What makes CENTURY 21 All Points different is that we operate as a Team, supporting each other, and our clients, in everything that we do.

There are multiple benefits of hiring a real estate team over a solo agent, the first one being the synergy and specialized care of a collection of highly skilled individuals to ensure your transaction goes smoothly.

Better outcomes due to specialized roles and effective delegation

Real estate team leaders delegate a specific subset of responsibilities in a real estate transaction to individual roles within the team. This means that each aspect of the transaction is handled by a specialist that is more highly skilled in that area than a professional who is more of a “jack of all trades.”

When you have an agent who’s part of a team, you get people who specialize in all parts of the transaction. Each person is where they need to be, in their lane.

Individual agents wear a ton of different hats, and in some cases, a solo agent may be exceptional at marketing and negotiating, but miserable at “crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s.” Within a team structure, there is someone detail-oriented who specializes in handling the particulars of a listing, the transaction, and the contract.

At the David Yetman Group, we hire team members based on their skills, how they fit in with the team and if they can see the vision. “I need people who are obsessed with making sure that not one red paperclip makes its way into the blue paperclip bin”. They are the kind of people who read the terms and conditions of any contract.

Access to more resources for more availability – at the same cost!

For buyers, this is paid by the sellers! At the David Yetman Group our clients get better service when they have access to professionals who can respond at a moment’s notice, especially in hot markets to not miss opportunities that are time sensitive.

The agents work in their areas of specialty, but they also work together to handle a client’s every need. If a buyer wants to see a home “as soon as possible!” and the agent is on vacation, another agent or team member will step in.

You win more when you have more resources. If you are a buyer, there will always be an agent who is available to step in to not lose out on an opportunity.

Additionally, if things go wrong, the David Yetman Group has the bandwidth to provide better support for less-than-ideal situations.

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