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While certainly a popular sentiment, it's not entirely accurate. There are little fires here and little fires there, and it's true that houses in some areas are selling faster than others and some types of houses generate multiple offers.

In order to understand the market we are currently in, you need to understand what is driving the multiple offers, low inventory, etc.

A metric that REALTORS® use is the "Sales to List Price Ratio", or in others words... What is the percentage of price over the list price that homes are selling for?... On average!

Currently it is at 103.99%* which means that if a house was listed at $100,000 it would, on average, sell for $103,990. If it was listed at $300,000 it would, on average, sell for $311,970.
*As of

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We're Canadians Eh? 

As Canadians, we know what winters can be like. Now that winter is upon us it's a good idea to be prepared for Nova Scotia's unpredictable weather. Most of these tips can be used for any storm, whether it is winter or any other season. 

Were you here for White Juan? I remember it very well and, I also remember not being prepared for it. I will certainly never forget the amount of snow we received during that storm! We haven't had a storm quite like that in a while but we need to stay vigilant especially during these unprecedented times we are living in. It's time to take stock of what you have to be prepared for in a storm. Do you have everything you need?

We've created a helpful guide to preparing your home and family

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I’ll start this off with what every blog starts with in 2020……. Things are a little different this year but don’t let that get you down…. Or, in these unprecedented times….. you know, all that stuff!

Here’s the thing. It’s true. But it’s almost as if I’m used to it now; operative word being “almost”. I don't know about you, but I'm just going to go with the flow and PIVOT (insert Ross’ voice from Friends) from our norm. Here are some ideas to do with the kiddo’s in the days leading up to the big fat man’s appearance.


 1. Holiday Light Adventure!

On the first day of Christmas, I gave my kids a lift around the city. This should be a tradition in every household COVID or no COVID. Get out and see those lights! Every year the kids say

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When preparing your Thanksgiving feast this year, take some time to reconsider how and what you serve for dessert. Often after a big meal, a full slice of pie or cake is daunting and all the work that goes in to making them ends up being eaten as take-away by guests.


As an alternative, consider mini versions of some of your favourite fall desserts. These are two of the favourites in our family


These cheesecakes are the perfect way to end your Thanksgiving meal. Begin with a crust made of gingersnaps, a smooth filling with all the flavours of pumpkin pie and top it with cool, creamy whipped cream.


  • 24 Gingersnaps, crushed
  • 3 Tbsp Melted Butter
  • 8oz Cream Cheese
  • 1/2 Cup Pumpkin
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Love it or hate it, Daylight Saving is coming to an end and the clocks are set to change again!

Though thought by many to have been created for farmers, this is a myth and most farmers are against the time change. First suggested by Benjamin Franklin in a bid to conserve daylight, Daylight Saving Time was officially adopted by Germany during WWI. Energy consumption is the main reason for the time change but it has recently been argued that this “solution” is no longer necessary and Daylight Saving is often contested.

There is no credible evidence to show that the time change positively or negatively impacts energy consumption in the modern world. The time change has, however, been linked to many negative side effects, such as increased incidents

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A Father’s love is boundless. He is your loudest cheerleader and your biggest fan. He is your son’s first hero and your daughter’s first love. Whether he is giving you his best advice or telling you a corny dad joke, he is always there for you. With Father’s Day right around the corner, we have come up with some great ideas to help you show him how much you care.


With all that is going on in the world right now, supporting local is great for both dad and our economy. Here are some great gift ideas from places right here in Nova Scotia. 



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This year, Mother's Day might look a little different for everyone. But don't let that get you down! Whether you celebrate your mother, grandma, aunt, sister or another special mother figure in your life, we have come up with lots of ways to help you make her feel special even at a distance. 


 1. Gratitude Video

Ask each of your siblings/children to share their favourite memory on camera and create a video montage. Throw in some favourite pictures of you all together and some great ones of her alone, mix that with a great song and you have the perfect present for her to keep forever. 


2. At Home Wine Tasting

This may not be the same as sending her to a beautiful vineyard somewhere in the province, but it's as close as we

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Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican Holiday that celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of the Puebla, on May 5, 1862. This Holiday is more often celebrated north of the border and has taken on a different significance, that of Mexican-American culture, which began in California as early as 1863. Mexican celebrations of Cinco de Mayo are much more ceremonial and feature things like military parades or battle reenactments. 

Here in Canada, we celebrate the day with our favourite Mexican-inspired food & drink!

This year, celebrations will have to take place at home so we’ve complied a few of our favourite recipes that are super simple to make & we’ve included lots of substitutions to hopefully minimize your trips to the

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Lawrence Town Beach, March 25, 2020


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that everyone needs to go bonkers! The thought of having to spend every waking hour with my beloved children has me a little overwhelmed. I know I am not alone here! Something we will all take away from this global crisis is that teachers of children for every age do not make enough money, nor do they get enough appreciation. I am working from home during this, so my children need to have some sort of structure for the hours that I am working. We have a schedule set up that is in no way set in stone, but it gives my kids some direction where they need it. I set up alarms on my middle son’s cell phone with each of the alarms named with what type of activity to do next. We all sat together and came up with things to

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