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The better things get for the economy, the harder it will be to afford a house.

This is my 2 cents a local REALTOR® in Halifax, we sometimes (we being the agents and the public) think that we are insulated from many of the "big picture" items in the news, 

It is vital that we view these changes in the light that best and most clearly shows the effects of each change or nuance that happens, it is a big ship that we are trying to turn, and

care must be taken for the process to be successful, and while the article below could be

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It is that time of the year again, Halifax launches its annual Doors Open event on, June 2nd and 3rd 2018, 10 am to 4 pm. Doors Open Halifax is intended to make available, free access to buildings of historical, contemporary, and architectural significance to the general public. This event is hosted by, The Doors Open Halifax Heritage Society, whose goal is to generate interest in our environment, filled with beautiful iconic buildings.

Doors Open Halifax is a great family event, and is designed to show residents of Halifax what the city is all about, including its rich history and cultural artifacts. Since most of the oldest-iconic buildings in Atlantic Canada are located in Halifax, walking through these buildings gives you an idea of Canadian

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It has occurred to me on many occasions, that, whether in a public or personal situation, the number of times that I have personally have said to someone, "Why did you do that" or it has been said to me ;) and the adult (or the child inside each of us) responded "I don't know" (IDK) I recently heard an interview with Alan Jacobs the author of "How to Think" that made me stop, open my Amazon app and order the book he was talking about.  He spoke about the "five minute rule", and I insert that section of the book for your consideration.  In today's fast paced world of life and business, where the rule is, instant response required or expected, what if we were all to adopt the "5 minute rule"?

What amazing results would occur?  Ronald Regan the actor and…
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We are excited to announce that we have now sent 2 "Kids to Camp" based on our very popular Kids to Camp-Friends and Family Referral Program! For every closed sale, we donate $21. For every referral from our past clients we donate $210 to Kids to Camp. It costs $2,100 to send an elegible child to Camp Tidnish, and remember, "all of the money raised here stays here"! 

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