Lawrence Town Beach, March 25, 2020


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean that everyone needs to go bonkers! The thought of having to spend every waking hour with my beloved children has me a little overwhelmed. I know I am not alone here! Something we will all take away from this global crisis is that teachers of children for every age do not make enough money, nor do they get enough appreciation. I am working from home during this, so my children need to have some sort of structure for the hours that I am working. We have a schedule set up that is in no way set in stone, but it gives my kids some direction where they need it. I set up alarms on my middle son’s cell phone with each of the alarms named with what type of activity to do next. We all sat together and came up with things to…

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We know how strange and stressful things are right now with so many "what if" and "how do I" questions floating around. We wanted to lighten the load a bit and create a directory of links and resources for any kind of support or service you might require during these uncertain times.

We're including everything from where to apply for EI benefits to ways you can continue supporting local businesses while maintaining social distancing. 

Health Resources:

A Practical Guide to Self-Isolation from Doctors NS

Government of Canada Symptoms & Treatment

Government Resources:

Government of Canada COVID-19 Info

Government of Canada COVID-19 Economic Relief 

Government of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Info

Homeowner Resources:


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So let’s get real… how are you? Are you doing ok with social distancing? Are you going out of your mind with boredom yet? Well, I have some good news for you! Spring has arrived today and we now have something positive to brighten our days, literally! Days are staying brighter for longer and the temps are slowly rising. Do you know what that means? It’s SPRING CLEANING time! There’s nothing that makes me feel happiness at home like a clean and organized house. That fresh feeling I get from clearing out all the unwanted energy and stale air from the winter is just so satisfying. I mean don’t get me wrong, I like winter (no I do not) but there is just something about the earth being re-born after freezing for so long that really gets me in the feels.


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March Break. It is what it is …. a break! A week for our kids (and their ahh-maa-zing teachers) to have a well-deserved break from all the learning (teaching) they have been doing. A time to refuel, a time to leave the go-go-go mentality behind. This year, as the same as most years, we will be staying home in good ol’ Nova Scotia! Mainly because I would prefer my kids get some sort of gastro bug in the comfort of our home rather than in a tropical environment where it might take 10 minutes to get back to our room to use the bathroom! 

This year, I’ve put a lot of thought into what a great March break would look like for my family and I’ve come up with a fun-filled week that I hope you might be able to take advantage of as well! We aren’t going too…

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