Have you ever wondered where, exactly the food on your table comes from? Who is behind all the dairy, meat and vegetables you eat every day?

Atlantic Open Farm Day gives us the opportunity to learn all about it, and experience a bit of it for ourselves! For the past 21 years, farms throughout Atlantic Canada participate in Atlantic Open Farm Day, a day where these farms invite us in to visit, ask questions, and enjoy everything they have to offer.

This years’ Open Farm Day takes place this Sunday, September 19th, 2021. It’ll be a hybrid event of online and in-person activities, with each farm offering a unique and exciting experience.

21 farms in Nova Scotia are participating in Open Farm Day this year. Take your…

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Ah, back to school, some say it's the most wonderful time of the year! A time to reset and get back to routine after the summer. It’s a fresh new school year so why not give our homes a little refresh? Below are 5 ways to organize your home to have the best school year yet.

1. Backpack Drop Zone

The last thing on your child’s mind once getting home after school is organizing the contents of their backpack. It doesn’t take long for papers, leftover snacks, extra clothing and who knows what else to accumulate though.

Create a system to make backpack emptying part of the daily routine to avoid a build up weeks down the line.

Set out bins for your child to sort out everything in their backpack and where each item should be. Label each bin with the…

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