The cold of winter is coming to Halifax sooner than later. With rising oil costs and general inflation, using (and paying for) more energy in your home than you actually need is something we'd all like to avoid.

Before cranking up your thermostat, and in turn your heating bill, here's five other things you can do to keep your home cozy and warm, all while keeping your energy bill low.

Family in warm home during winter

Fix Drafty Windows and Doors

Cold air can sneak through windows and doors in any home, cooling your home overall and leaving you reaching for the thermostat. So next windy, cold day check around your home for drafts by looking out for a soft breeze around your windows and doors. Stop these drafts in their place by re-caulking and weather stripping where…

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One of the most important days of the year is just around the corner, Remembrance Day. The day we reflect on our history, show our gratitude for those who served, and thank those who continue to serve our country today. Every one of us wouldn't have the life we do today if it weren't for the thousands of brave, selfless people that made our country what it is today.

Remembrance Day poppies on memorial

Listed below are Remembrance Day Ceremonies taking place all over Halifax Regional Municipality.

2022 HRM Remembrance Day Ceremonies


Time: 10am

Location: Grand Parade, 1770 Barrington Street, Halifax

Time: 10am

Location: Sailors Memorial at Point Pleasant Park


Time: 10:30am

Location: Sullivan's Pond

Hammonds Plains

Time: 10:40am

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