Constant and never ending improvement. That's our mantra. Our team is constantly tweaking and adapting how we work to better serve you.

That's where Halifax's first ever Real Estate Mobile Office, or what we like to call, REMO, comes in. We fully customized this 16 foot travel trailer to serve as an office on the go; a place where we can work with you face to face, no matter where you are in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Halifax real estate mobile office at Bishops Landing

So how did this exciting new venture come to be? And where is it going? Let's hear it from the mind behind REMO himself, CENTURY 21 All Points' Broker & Co-Owner, David Yetman.

When did you first come up with the idea for a mobile real estate office?

25 years ago, I thought that it could be my own "USP" Unique…

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Have you ever dug into Halifax's haunted tales? An old city with plenty of history, Halifax is no stranger to suspicious happenings and unexplainable events. Read on for the paranormal stories of Halifax's most haunted places:

Foggy Halifax harbour

The Ghosts of the Five Fisherman Restaurant

Countless ghost sightings have happened at the Five Fisherman Restaurant in Downtown Halifax. From glasses flying off shelves to taps turning themselves on and off to mysterious whispers in the night, the ghosts of the Five Fisherman like to make themselves known.

Before becoming the popular fine seafood restaurant that it is today, the building was home to J.A. Snow Funeral Home which housed thousands of victims from two tragedies: the sinking of the Titanic and the Halifax…

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Grab your broomsticks and witches brew, it's Halloweentime in Halifax! From scary movie nights to Haunted Mansions to dog costume contests, Halifax knows how to get its spook on. Whether you're looking for your yearly dose of Halloween horror or just want to make Halloween memories with the family, keep reading for Halloween-themed events and things to do all over HRM.

Halloween decor on Halifax waterfront

Halloween Movie Party & Spooktacular Fireworks

October 22nd, 7pm | The Village Shops at Dartmouth Crossing | Free

The Village Shops at Dartmouth Crossing is throwing a Halloween Movie Party at the Pondside Amphitheatre! Spooky family favourite Hotel Transylvania will be shown followed by a "spooktacular" fireworks display at 9pm. Get out your costume and bring chairs and warm…

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Perfectly seasoned turkey with green beans, mashed potatoes cranberry sauce, what's better than a Thanksgiving turkey dinner? I'm already dreaming of it....I'm awoken by the thought of the hours of preparation come with cooking a Thanksgiving feast though - and that doesn't include creating the perfect Fall tablescape to give thanks around.

Luckily we have options. There's a number of restaurants in and around Halifax offering a delicious Thanksgiving meal all wrapped up to take home and share with your loved ones. If you're looking for a tasty Thanksgiving feast minus the hours or baking, boiling and basting, keep reading for all the spots in HRM you can grab a turkey dinner to go!

Family enjoying Thanksgiving dinner

Jane's Next Door

Order by October 6, 12pm | $80-$290 | 2053…

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Have you ever hosted Thanksgiving dinner? With lots of people, lots of dishes and lots of decor involved, it takes a whole lot of preparation to pull off the perfect, cozy-feeling and belly-filling Thanksgiving Dinner.

If it's your first time hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner, or you're just looking for tips to spruce up your usual routine, read on for our best tips for hosting the Thanksgiving Dinner of your dreams.

Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Plan the Menu

Thanksgiving Dinner is no small feat and a lot of cooking for one person. Guests will likely expect turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, dessert...the list goes on! Plan with your guests who's cooking what and who's bringing what. If homemade is not your route of choice this year, there's lots of great…

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The second official National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is Friday, September 30th 2022. A day to honour the First Nations, Métis and Inuit survivors of the Residential Schools, remember those who never returned, and reflect on our country’s and province’s history.

Keep reading for ways you can honour the day here in K'jipuktuk!

Wear An Orange Shirt

First established in 2013, Orange Shirt Day recognizes and raises awareness of the harm done by the residential school system to Indigenous families and children. The Orange Shirt was chosen as a reminder that Every Child Matters by Phyllis Webstad, whose brand new orange shirt was stripped from her on her first day of school when she was just 6 years old, a day she’s never forgotten. Read…

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With the arrival of the Fall season comes the likely arrival of Fall hurricanes. The first of this season, Hurricane Fiona, is making its way to Halifax, predicted to hit Atlantic Canada this weekend as a "potent post-tropical storm". The Canadian Hurricane Centre warns us of potential heavy rains, damaging winds and flooding.

As longtime Haligonians, we're well acquainted with the damage a Fall storm can do in Halifax - does Hurricane Juan or Hurricane Dorian ring a bell? When your home is well prepared though, watching the leaves twirl and the sky open up with rain can be quite enjoyable and strangely relaxing. Prepare your home for Fall storms right with the following tips so you can sit back and relax while mother nature does it's thing.

Street of Homes in Fall

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Fall is such a wonderful time to live in Halifax. Pumpkins adorn doorsteps in every neighbourhood, changing leaves make for stunning Fall scenery at every turn, the cool temperature is a welcome break from the heat of August, and there's plenty of fun seasonal activities going on to get you in the Fall mood.

Keep reading for all the Fall events and things to do in and around Halifax this year.

Halifax Waterfront Fall decor

Meet Your Farmer During Atlantic Open Farm Day

September 18th | Online & participating farms in nova scotia, pei & new brunswick

Where does our food come from? Atlantic Open Farm Day is our chance to get an in-depth look at how our local farmers get food to our tables. Farms and ranches all over Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick will welcome us in…

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Halifax's back to school season is upon us once again!  If you're a parent with kids in school, or a student yourself (or both!), then you're all too familiar with how crazy busy things are about to get. When trying to make time for homework, family, kids, household chores, extra curriculars and at least a little bit of me-time, sleep often gets pushed to the bottom of our priority lists. It's kind of a catch-22 though, getting not just some sleep but good sleep is key to being able to do all these things! So how do you integrate a good night's sleep in your busy routine this school year? Read on for our favourite hacks for a good nights sleep!

Alarm Clock with sleeping person in background

Start Your Night Routine Early

Do you ever procrastinate your night routine? When the day is done and…

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Ah, September. The suns setting earlier, kids are heading back to school, and the temperatures are cooling. This past summer has been quite a busy one here in Halifax. So many great festivals and events made their long-awaited return, and lots of new festivals also popped up around the city!

Even though we're all making the shift back to more regular routines, getting out to spend quality time with your community don't have to end. There's still lots of great festivals and events planned over the next few weeks, keep reading for all the details!

Sunset over Dakeyne Sunflower Farm

Halifax Urban Folk Festival

Halifax Urban Folk Festival (HUFF) is an annual festival celebrating music and those who make it. From August 28th to September 4th, live shows will take place at The…

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