Preparing Your Property

When considering whether to put your home on the market, there are a number of things to think about and prepare before the sign actually goes on the lawn. Your Team at Century 21 All Points will work with you and walk you through the process of preparing to sell your home.

Preparing Your Home to Show Potential Buyers

First impressions are lasting impressions. You will want to make sure that buyers looking at your home (in person and online) are left with the best possible impression. We can help you achieve that goal. Start by taking a critical look at your property, inside and out. Make a list of things that need to be fixed up. Here are some examples that can help you along:


  • Chipped plaster and paint touched up and repaired
  • Inside of closets and cupboards tidy and doors property closed
  • Leaky taps and toilets repaired
  • Burned out lightbulbs replaced
  • Squeaky doors oiled
  • Mirrors, fixtures and taps cleaned and polished
  • Seals around tubs and vanities in good repair
  • Appliances cleaned
  • Countertops de-cluttered
  • Consider a dehumidifier to combat any dampness

House Exterior


  • House exterior in good repair
  • House numbers easy to read
  • Eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, and downspouts in good repair
  • Garage/carport clean and tidy
  • Garbage picked up, including pet messes
  • Cracked or broken window panes replaced
  • Lawns and hedges cut
  • Gardens weeded and edged
  • Walks shovelled and salted
  • Doorbell and door hardware in good repair

Once you have assessed your home, make a list of the items that you feel need to be addressed before the house is put on the market. We will discuss this list with you and help you prioritize what must be done vs what would be nice to have done.

Another key factor in getting ready to sell is to make sure that everyone in the household is on board with the okay to sell and that they understand it will take effort on everyone's part to make sure the home is always ready to be viewed.

Once we have the initial meeting, discussed the condition of the house and done a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) we will move on to signing the documents required for us to list the property on the MLS®.

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