Thinking of Selling? We can help!

If the time to sell your condo has come, our team is here to assist at every stage of the process. Selling a condo involves many difficult decisions and important preparations to be made. The expertise of an experienced, knowledgable REALTOR® team can make the difference between selling your unit for all it's worth in a timely manner and letting it sit on the market and eventually sell for a less desirable price.

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The Listing Process

Once you have decided to list your Condo For Sale, the next steps are to:

  • Sign the paperwork and the listing documents
  • Get ready for photos of your Unit, any common spaces, parking and storage spaces to be taken. In addition, we will do a 360 VR tour of the unit to be used as part of marketing
  • Determine when your condo is available for viewings. You do not have to be there, the agents and their clients will come in using the key you provide. It is advised not to limit the time available for showings as much as possible.

Learn the entire Condo Selling Process here.

Tips for Selling Your Condo

By their very nature, Condos tend to be more compact living spaces. When you are thinking of Selling your Condo, you need to showcase the available space, storage, etc. so potential buyers can visualize how the space can be utilized.

Consider some of the following:

  • Look at the available storage space in the unit and make sure it is maximized for use
  • De-clutter so that the potential of the unit is showcased and so potential buyers can visualize their stuff in the space, not try to see around your clutter
  • Clean - Clean - Clean - in small spaces, dust dirt and mess are more noticeable
  • Storage Spaces - whether they are in the unit or separate, tidy them up. so that a potential buyer gets a better idea of how it could be used.
  • While the outside of the windows may fall tp the Condo Corp to clean, the inside are your responsibility. Make sure your windows shine, particularly if the view is one of the selling features!

In preparing to Sell your Condo, you will need to gather the following documents to have available when an offer comes in:

  • If you pay your own electricity, we will need your NS Power Account Number so we can request the power usage on your behalf
  • Any other utilities that you pay or if you have leased any items in the condo we will need the details
  • Gather together the Condo documents that you have; some you would have received when you purchased the condo like the Condo Declaration, By-Laws, Owner Manual and others would pertain to the Condo Corp meetings that were held; things like Minutes of meetings, current Budget, Estoppel Certificate, etc.
  • We will need to know the current Condo Fees for your Unit and what that includes
  • What Amenities are available in the building?
  • What is your parking space number and storage unit number (if applicable)
  • Does the building have a live-in Superintendent?
  • We will need a key and a fob for the building and your Unit

Consider doing a write-up on the building and your Unit from a personal perspective - what has it meant to you to live here, what kind of building is it, what are some of your favourite local places in the neighbourhood? You want to make the building and your Condo unit stand out and be enticing to someone who might want to buy it.

This is just the beginning of your journey in selling your condo. Contact us to get started!