Strict Safety Precautions

Whether we are working with a client selling a home or showing homes to a potential buyer, strict adherence to the protocols set out by the NS Health Department are followed

We use gloves, masks, and sanitizer as required


  • When an Agent books an appointment to view your property with a client, there is a health disclaimer that must be completed by the potential clients and the agent. The basis of the disclaimer is to ensure that the people coming into your home are not feeling ill, have not been in close contact with anyone who has been ill and agree to adhere to the health protocols set out by the NS Health Dept
  • We suggest that when getting ready for a viewing, you leave all the lights on, open cupboard doors, and doors to various rooms and ensure that people are able to view the various areas of your home without touching anything
  • Agents are advised to leave the house as they find it - lights on, all doors open, etc


  • We will provide you with a health disclaimer to ensure that you are not ill and/or have not come in contact with anyone recently that has been ill
  • We will discuss with you some of the precautions that we take when showing a property - limit contact with any surfaces, use hand sanitizer provided, practice social distancing from any members of our team
  • When possible, we ask that you leave children home and if they do accompany you, we as that one parent enter the property at a time
  • When you have an accepted offer, we will attend the Building Inspection on your behalf and arrange for a virtual consultation with the Inspector to discuss their findings. Similarly if a sewer inspections or well and septic inspection is required, we will handle this on your behalf