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Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) is a database of properties that are for sale. This means that we can show you any listing out there, it doesn’t matter which company has it listed!

Here’s the thing, the listing agent is working…FOR THE SELLER! This means that when you communicate with the listing agent as an interested buyer, you'll likely disclose lots of information about you and your motivation to buy, and you probably disclose way too much!

We can represent you and your best interests, to get you the best deal…for YOU!

We can also show you private sales, as almost every private seller will co-operate with REALTORS®. There are usually only 2 reasons why they are selling privately…

  1. To keep the commission in their pocket (not your pocket)
  2. To try and fool an unsuspecting buyer into paying more than the property is worth!

Another thing to keep in mind is that most private sales have tried to sell before and were unsuccessful, often because they were asking too much for their properties. Hardly worth the risk!

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