Buyer Viewings: Rules of Engagement

We will CONFIRM all appointments with you. No Confirmation = NO Appointment

property viewing availability

If you've requested to view a particular house at a particular time and we cannot schedule it, it's usually because the home is not available, not that I or another REALTOR® on our Team is not available. There are a number of reasons why a property would be unavailable for viewing at a particular time:

  • Tenants require 24hrs written notice
  • The Sellers may have small children
  • The Seller may have animals that have to be removed
  • Other agents may have already booked a viewing for the time you requested

When Are we Available?

Because we operate as a Team, there is usually at least one Team member available, however...(please see Property Viewing Availability above)

scheduling Appointments

NO FLY ZONE is generally daily 3:30-6pm. It simply takes too long to get anywhere around HRM during “RUSH HOUR”. A single property can be an exception, but a number and depending on location can be a problem.

Be on time for viewings

Why? Viewings are scheduled for a specific time and possibly only 15 minutes long. If our appointment is for 1:00pm to 1:15pm and you show up at 1:10, that means that if another agent with a 1:15 shows up at 1:15, we HAVE to leave, sometimes we have no control on the length of available appointments due to the market conditions!


If we take ours off…you take yours off! In fact, oil from feet does more damage than your shoes do when it is dry out. If it's raining or snowing though, shoes off! 

Watch how we place our shoes after we remove them - Ready for a quick exit, and avoids the wet spots!

Number of people allowed on Viewings

The number of people allowed to attend a viewing is limited to those who will be on title. No excess people, unless authorized in advance by the Listing Agent.

Keep Kids kept under control at all times

If you bring your kids along for a viewing, please keep them under control at all times - no touching!

Limit of homes in one viewing schedule

We can visit up to FIVE properties in one viewing schedule, depending on location and travel times between viewings.


Be careful of what you say while on a viewing, you may be on camera! Most Canadians use the “Hollywood Rule” when it comes to being videotaped. As in, many of us think that you have to have someone’s permission to videotape them. But that is a big MAYBE. 

If you are viewing a house as a potential buyer, there is NOT a requirement for your permission. There could be cameras or even hidden cameras videotaping you!

In Canada it is not a requirement like the above “Hollywood Rule”. So be careful, what you say and do can be live-streamed directly to the seller. Chatting about how much you love the place or anything else that would reveal your motivation on a particular property could seriously undermine your negotiating position.

Parking in driveway

We don't park in the driveway to ensure there's enough room for you to park in it. Rural properties are an exception as they usually have longer and wider driveways.

Great Questions

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