Smile! You Might Be on Camera.

february 9, 2023

Hidden or inconspicuous cameras are fairly common in businesses with security concerns. Those black balls you see in ceiling corners or hanging from stems near checkout are undoubtedly watching and recording shoppers to make sure merchandise is being paid for.

Most Canadians use the “Hollywood Rule” when it comes to being videotaped. As in, many of us think that you have to have someone’s permission to videotape them. But that is a big MAYBE.

If you are recorded for a commercial application, read that as a business doing a video for business reasons, i.e. marketing and/or profit, then a waiver does need to be signed by the person being videotaped.

If you are viewing a house as a potential buyer though, there is NOT a requirement for your permission. There could be cameras or even hidden cameras videotaping you!

In Canada it is not a requirement like the above “Hollywood Rule”. So be careful, what you say and do can be live-streamed directly to the seller. Chatting about how much you love the place or anything else that would reveal your motivation on a particular property could seriously undermine your negotiating position.

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