Parker at the Chickenburger in BedfordDinner At the Chickenburger

September 6, 2022

Hey Everybody! I’m happy to be here for another edition of Parker’s Perspective! This time I got to check out The Chicken Burger. It was such a neat spot; a really cool old 50’s diner. It made me think of classic cars and Elvis Presley. I decided to try one of their famous chicken burgers and I also treated myself to a chocolate milkshake. I ordered my meal at an outside counter. The people who work at the Chicken Burger are an awesome team! You can tell by their smiles that they really like their job. I think that is pretty cool. My food was ready for me inside the diner. When I walked Inside it felt like I stepped back in time. All around there was information about the restaurant's history. Did you know that the Chicken Burger started out as a canteen called the Sunnyside and was famous for its hotdogs!? It was also cool to learn that musician Tina Turner visited the Chicken Burger when she came to perform in Nova Scotia. Speaking of music, Don’t forget to bring a quarter, so you can play a song on the jukebox! And for all you car lovers, Tuesdays 5pm-8pm there is a classic car show every week in the Chicken Burger parking lot. I’ll definitely see you there! Until next time, “Stay cool”.

Lit up neon signage for the Chickenburger
Roof of the Chickenburger
Chicken Burger Bedford Exterior Sign
Classic Car display case at the Chickenburger
Chickenburger interior
Bedford Chickenburger Neon Rooster
Parker eating at the Chickenburger
Bedford Chickenburger Display case with Chickenburger merch

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