Ah, back to school, some say it's the most wonderful time of the year! A time to reset and get back to routine after the summer. It’s a fresh new school year so why not give our homes a little refresh? Below are 5 ways to organize your home to have the best school year yet.

1. Backpack Drop Zone

The last thing on your child’s mind once getting home after school is organizing the contents of their backpack. It doesn’t take long for papers, leftover snacks, extra clothing and who knows what else to accumulate though.

Create a system to make backpack emptying part of the daily routine to avoid a build up weeks down the line.

Set out bins for your child to sort out everything in their backpack and where each item should be. Label each bin with the room in your home its’ contents will be destined for - bedroom, kitchen, living room etc.

Once the kids are settled in after their long school day, they can bring each bin to its designated room put away its’ contents!

2. After School Snack Station

Set up a snack station your kids can head to when they come home from school. It can be big or it can be small - from a section of your pantry to a snack caddy you pull out of a cupboard - as long as it includes tasty and nutritious snacks for your child to choose from.

Your kids will love having the option to browse snacks and choose for themselves - and you’ll love the minimal kitchen mess!

3. Family Command Centre

Create a family command centre in a central location of your home to keep the whole family organized. Include a large calendar, white board and a hanging paper file.

Have your meal plan for the week, carpool schedule, after school activities, meetings and any other important events on display to keep every family member in the know.

Make a hanging wall file part of this centre as well. Designate and label a file pocket for each of your kids to ensure their important papers can easily be found.

4. Homework Nook

Create a space that motivates and minimizes distraction with a calendar, supply caddy, and timer.

A weekly calendar for each child allows them to focus only on their own weekly to dos and activities.

Use a timer as a motivator to concentrate on the task at hand, your kids will always know when they can take a break.

Have multiple kids that need to get homework done? Fold a large piece of bristol board in thirds so it stands up as a divider between kids to help them focus.

5. Keep Your Own Supply Stash Handy

Pencils, erasers, paper, pencil sharpers, safety scissors, and markers are all supplies that you’ll be happy to have extra of the day before that big report is due and every pencil has somehow disappeared.

Hide away all those extra supplies in your own supply caddy so that they’re easy to find when you need them.



We hope you find these tips helpful and you and your family have a great start to the school year! 

What are your best tips to keeping your home organized throughout the school year?

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