Love it or hate it, Daylight Saving is coming to an end and the clocks are set to change again!

Though thought by many to have been created for farmers, this is a myth and most farmers are against the time change. First suggested by Benjamin Franklin in a bid to conserve daylight, Daylight Saving Time was officially adopted by Germany during WWI. Energy consumption is the main reason for the time change but it has recently been argued that this “solution” is no longer necessary and Daylight Saving is often contested.

There is no credible evidence to show that the time change positively or negatively impacts energy consumption in the modern world. The time change has, however, been linked to many negative side effects, such as increased incidents of car accidents and heart attacks in the weeks following the changes. 

There have been many calls to get rid of Daylight Saving Time across North America and there are many areas where it is not observed like Saskatchewan, small pockets of Ontario, BC, Quebec, & Nunavut.

For now, Nova Scotia continues to observe the time change so get ready for an extra hour of sleep in a few weeks and while you’re at it, use this date as a reminder to complete a few other “housekeeping” tasks that are often forgotten about!

Fall is well underway and those leaves have to go somewhere - make sure they’re not clogging your gutters! Clogged gutters can lead to water back-ups and flooding which can cause much larger damages to the interior & exterior of your home.

According to a 2017 CBC article, Halifax Regional Fire officials respond to, on average, 10 dryer fires a year. These are totally preventable if homeowners are diligent about keeping their dryer vents clear.

Test the power source of your smoke & fire detectors to be certain they are in working order. If they are powered by battery be sure to change them often and try to keep extras on hand.

Snow and ice are coming sooner than you think so take some time to be sure your exterior paths and stairs are safe and ready to take on the Winter weather. Look for and repair any weak spots.

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