Constant and never ending improvement. That's our mantra. Our team is constantly tweaking and adapting how we work to better serve you.

That's where Halifax's first ever Real Estate Mobile Office, or what we like to call, REMO, comes in. We fully customized this 16 foot travel trailer to serve as an office on the go; a place where we can work with you face to face, no matter where you are in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Halifax real estate mobile office at Bishops Landing

Halifax real estate mobile office at Citadel Hill

Halifax real estate mobile office back

So how did this exciting new venture come to be? And where is it going? Let's hear it from the mind behind REMO himself, CENTURY 21 All Points' Broker & Co-Owner, David Yetman.

When did you first come up with the idea for a mobile real estate office?

25 years ago, I thought that it could be my own "USP" Unique Selling Proposition as real estate was still very much "CITO", Come Into the Office, and people were just getting too busy!

What made you decide to make remo a reality now?
Back then, the only “trailers” had a bed smack dab in them and they were marketed based on that, and it just never seemed appropriate to bring people into that environment for a business reason. My discover of the INTech line of RV’s, particularly the Sol Dawn 16 ft trailer made all the difference in the world, it was more of an office environment with room to seat up to 6 people around the “table” and there was no visible bed.
what was important to you in the design of remo?

Windows, windows, windows, and lots of light, a business environment and the ability to project to a TV for presentations.

what do you hope to achieve with this new project?

At the present time, we are the only one with this type of marketing, so we could say that we have the largest “fleet” of mobile offices of any real estate franchise in the Maritimes or perhaps Canada, as CENTURY 21 Canada has never heard of a dedicated mobile office, yes Realtors® have had vans converted, but nothing like this to our or their knowledge has ever been done.

Where are you most excited to take REMO?

Events, parades like the Parade of lights, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, lemonade stands, you name it, nothing is too big or too small.

Anything Else?

Contests like Finding REMO, apologies to Finding Nemo, local subdivisions, cultural festivals, the sky is the limit.

What are your thoughts on our Real Estate Mobile Office? Would you find it helpful to have your REALTOR® come to you? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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